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Honeywell Rebellion is a single end-to-end platform provider of intelligent, visual monitoring solutions that maximize safety, operational performance, emissions mitigation and compliance in oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. Honeywell Rebellion’s patented Gas Cloud Imaging (“GCI”) system is uniquely capable of identifying and quantifying hydrocarbons in real-time video. Rebellion’s embedded analytics run within each GCI system and its sophisticated AI software platform provides operators with automated notifications for gas leaks and fire events.

Honeywell Rebellion GCI Platform



Real-time 24/7 monitoring


Indoor & outdoor detection


Leak source identification


Gas, fire, & security alerts

Environmental Protection


Methane intensity reduction


Real-time emission data visualization


Total emission profile & evaluation


Cost effective emissions monitoring


Quantifiable emissions improvements

Business Operations


Preventive maintenance


Downtime reduction


Site-based optimization


Operation efficiency improvement


Knowledge management

Gas Cloud Imaging System

A gas leak occurs at a facility

GGI Camera

GCI cameras sense the leak


The Analyzer processes the data in real-time to identify, quantify, and track the gas plume


The DVR records the gas leak videos and sends the live results to operators


Operators can now “see” the gas leak and respond to it

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Honeywell Rebellion’s Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) cameras use proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology to capture both visible spectrum and infrared video to monitor, quantify, and display explosive, harmful gas leaks as they occur. Our self-calibrating hardware operates 24/7 in all weather conditions.

Standard GCI

Reliable and robust system designed for large sites and extended areas such as pipelines, ports, refineries, and tank farms. System includes fully automated pan/tilt motors for full coverage of the facility. It is capable to detect gas leaks as far as 1 mile away (~1.7km).

Mini GCI

The smaller version of the Standard GCI camera with wider range of detected gas species. The lightweight mini-GCI is designed for congested areas and smaller sites such as oil rigs & drilling sites, power plants, and LNG facilities. It can detect gas leaks as far as 100 meters away and is available in explosion-proof certified and noncertified versions. 

Mini GCI Skid

The mini-Skid is designed as a self-contained system for rapid deployment at your site. The system includes its own solar power, wireless communication, and mini-GCI camera mounted to a 20-foot tower. This option is perfect for upstream onshore sites that need continuous monitoring.



Honeywell Rebellion has developed the most advanced real-time visual monitoring analytics. Our analytics combine the latest advancements in data science, optical physics, and artificial intelligence to deliver smarter, faster, and more accurate information. Our customers use this information to make the best decisions about their sites. Over time our analytics have the capability to improve as they learn about the facility and the behavior of the operators providing lasting value for our customers. 


Based on our advanced algorithm design called PEARL™ which stands for Physics Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Real-time Logic, our analytics provide the most accurate cutting-edge real-time results. These analytics can detect, identify, and quantify over 47+ gases at video rate. The PEARL™ analytics can also be rapidly customized to meet the unique needs and conditions at each site of our clients. For a full list of our gas analytics please consult with our technical sales engineers.


Expanding the range of the detection analytics, Rebellion is proud to offer the first on the market flame & gas solution. Using the PEARL™ and GCI™ technology we can detect both gas and fire using the same sensor which has never been done before. By just enabling an additional analytic in the software, our customers get access to more capabilities for safety and operational performance.



Honeywell Rebellion offers edge computing with extraordinary storage capacity and processing power as well as cloud solutions. Rebellion utilizes custom-built software to run the analytics and to display the result through its own user interface. Fully automated, there is no need for the camera feeds to be continuously monitored by an operator as alert levels are programmed directly into the software. Alarm levels can be adjusted by chemical and field of view, allowing the entire system to be specialized for your specific site and needs.

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Honeywell Rebellion’s proprietary AI-driven software platform, Spectra, monitors up to 4TB of data daily from multiple GCI camera systems, as well as other sensor assets. The interface allows operators to control camera movement and provides real-time video footage of the gas leak, fire or intrusion. It highlights specific conditions of the event such as gas concentration or possible leak source that helps operator to quickly determine a plan of action. Unique features of the interface enables learning about the site conditions that leads to better performance of the detection algorithms.



Honeywell Rebellion is a full solution provider. We don’t just sell cameras or pieces of the entire system – we work with our customer to deliver a full solution. We value our customers and strive to support them on every step of the process from initial planning to the installation of the systems in the field to ongoing technical support.


We will meet with you to choose the best hardware, analytics, and support package for your site and map out the optimal placement for your new GCI System so you can get complete coverage of your facility. With each camera, we can provide 100-foot towers and extended motion pan/tilt motors with a range of up to 360 degrees. 

Interface Panels

We will work with you to identify your networking and power needs. Our in-house experts can design a custom facility panel incorporating industry best practices to ensure your system runs fully optimized for the life of the product.

Unique Gases

The GCI technology can detect many hydrocarbons, like methane, including dangerous gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, or a specific gas mixture. We are constantly growing our product portfolio by working with customers to add more gases to the list. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


After the planning phase we’ll handle the entire installation process so you can focus on other matters at your facility. Our experienced installation crew will handle everything related to shipping, scheduling, installation, and configuration of the equipment. We will work with your network and site administrators to set up the software to fit your needs and standards. By the time the installation is complete, you will receive a fully functioning and accurately configured system.


Dealing with new technology and monitoring systems can be frustrating. We value our customers and seek to provide the best technical and customer support possible during and after the installation is complete. You’ll never feel like you’re on your own. Rebellion will always be here to support your need! Please visit contact us to ask questions or call our 24/7 support line at +1-855-424-4351.

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