Rebellion Photonics is the only company on the market that offers real-time gas detection video with high-quality gas detection capabilities. The Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) cameras are video cameras that monitor, quantify, and display explosive, harmful gas leaks as they occur. With just a few cameras, a large area can be monitored day and night. Our GCI systems can instantly detect what gases are leaking and how much is leaking. This allows the user to assess the situation, preventing exposure to a potentially lethal environment.

Hardware Options

Revolutionary spectral imaging video cameras

Rebellion Photonics’ Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) cameras use proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology to capture both visible spectrum and infrared video, detecting gas releases as far as two miles away.

Identifies and quantifies gas leaks

Our self-calibrating hardware is typically 100 times more accurate at detecting leaks than traditional hardware, eliminating the need for additional gas detection equipment. Just one of our GCI cameras is equivalent to over 4 million line detectors at equivalent sensitivities, allowing your operators to detect leaks faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Alarm Options

Turnkey IT solution for maintenance, HSE, and management

Rebellion utilizes custom-built algorithms to detect and quantify gas and liquid leaks in real time. Fully automated, there is no need for the camera feeds to be continuously monitored by a human operator as alert levels are programmed directly into the system.

Alarm levels can be adjusted by chemical and field of view, allowing the entire system to be specialized for your specific site and needs. Our alarms detect multiple gases, including hydrocarbons, at the same pixel.

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Interface Options

Rebellion Photonics offers Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) services as fixed installations for continuous monitoring of large facilities, such as refineries, or at smaller sites, such as well sites or tank farms. The GCI alarm service is uniquely suited to decrease emissions using wide-scale, cost-effective gas monitoring.

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