Power Plants

With Rebellion’s Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) systems, power plant operators can monitor critical areas and equipment for dangerous gas clouds that can build when ventilation is poor or compromised. Even under normal operations, personnel find wear and tear to equipment, such as valves and seals, which can result in turbine generator leaks. Our system’s 24/7 autonomous gas detection capabilities identify leaks within 1/30th of a second, allowing the plant to remain online while also improving overall plant safety.

Unlike traditional equipment, our GCI cameras see and pinpoint the leak source, quickly identifying the equipment in need of maintenance. This rapid identification reduces the manpower and time that would have been needed in the past to locate the leak, while also avoiding a plant outage. Additionally, the cost associated with the increased maintenance personnel and unscheduled shutdowns cripple the bottom line for a generating plant.

Outside of gas leak detection, our systems use thermal imaging as a safeguard for vital plant area efficiency. With the ability to monitor the pipework insulation, a plant can substantially reduce the risk of a gas leak event by identifying fatigue in the pipes. Diagnosing this thermal weakness in the pipes early allows plant operators to take corrective actions before equipment failure occurs.

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