Implementing a predictive, preventative maintenance program, Rebellion increases maintenance personnel productivity and lowers costs. Our systems can quickly scan areas for a large variety of chemicals that would normally have to be located by sniffing each piece of equipment individually.

Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) cameras scan locations and equipment that are difficult to access, presenting visual information that offers intuitive leak detection data. With traditional sniffers, you have to describe the exact location of the leak, which can be difficult to correctly identify for proper repair. With our GCI, you can visually see the leak and share a video or snapshot image attached to a work order, allowing the maintenance crew to see the actual leak and leak source in real time.

With leak images, operations will spend less time generating leak reports and dedicate more time to port operations. Since the GCI can cover all units in a single scan, leak detection frequency increases significantly, lowering the potential of high-risk escalation events. The GCI system can also identify vessels offshore that are illegally degassing before they dock in real time.

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