LNG Facilities

Rebellion offers a real-time view of critical areas to help maintain safety and operational health simultaneously. We provide 24/7, large-coverage monitoring with autonomous alerts, allowing operators to remain in a safe area. This results in greater efficiencies in monitoring large amounts of process piping components and locations, eliminating the need for ground operators to individually inspect each piece of equipment.

Our systems identify equipment leaks immediately, offering the opportunity for quick operational decisions and the possible prevention of a complete LNG facility shutdown. Visual and audible alerts record a gas leak and aid in preventing issues that lead to high-risk safety issues, loss of product and production time, and economic loss.

Complete facility intelligence is captured and dispensed with first-of-its-kind technology, advanced detection algorithms, and powerful data storage and transmittal ability. You will receive a complete picture of the leak source and plume direction that would normally reach a traditional point sensor too late or not at all.

Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) can very quickly and effectively monitor facilities that have hundreds of thousands of components that need to be monitored for leaks, which would take a large commitment in manpower and maintenance expense using standard sniffing measures.

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