How It Works


Rebellion engineers work with your team to determine the best placement of the Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera equipment.


GCI camera equipment and advanced analytics are installed and programmed to provide 24/7 monitoring of your facility.


Live camera feeds are set up and viewable from a single location or multiple locations, such as the control room, office, or field.


When a gas leak occurs, the system automatically alerts and shows a false color overlay of the gas plume and tracks its position in real time.


Event videos are archived and can be shared with your team to better respond to incidences.


Rebellion engineers provide routine software and analytics maintenance, making sure your system is running in perfect shape.

The Rebellion Difference

Point Detectors Infrared Imaging Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI)
Gas detection
Identification of detected gas
Concentration of detected gas
Portable hand-held operation
Real-time, continuous video-rate operation
No moving parts, low maintenance
Fully automated monitoring and reporting
Reduced false positives
Automatic self-calibration
Instantaneous detection (within 1/30 second)
Laborless 24/7 continuous operation