Rebellion Photonics

Rebellion Photonics offers the only spectral imaging camera in the world that can both identify and quantify gas releases in real time, so you can detect leaks faster and more efficiently than ever before. Real-time detection aids in preventing process disruption, safety and ignition hazards, loss of profit, and potential environmental disasters. Our Gas Cloud Imaging system is the next generation of leak detection, and we monitor at all points of the petrochemical industry.


Industries Served

Rebellion Photonics' Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) systems have been optimized for installation at all points of the petrochemical industry.

Refineries Refineries
Drilling & Well Sites Drilling & Well Sites
Pipelines Pipelines
Offshore Rigs Offshore Rigs
Tank Farms Tank Farms
Chemical Plants Chemical Plants
LNG Facilities LNG Facilities
Ports Ports
Vessels Vessels
Power Plants Power Plants
$7 Bil Assets Covered
7International Branches
9 Years In Business