The Gas Cloud Imaging Camera has much to offer:

  • Immediate detection of explosive, harmful gases
  • Minimizes risk of human injuries
  • One camera can monitor a large area, night and day
  • The hardware zoom allows detailed information of the leak site
  • Visualizes the gas clouds with a false-colored video
  • Can detect over 20 chemicals
  • True portability without the use of a tripod
Gas Cloud Imaging Camera Specs
Detected Gases
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC)
Detection Range Up to 1 mile
Acquisition Rate 30 frames/sec
Alarm Time 15 microseconds
Weight 10 lbs
Dimension 9.3 in. x 9.7 in. x 13.0 in.
Temperatures -40 C to +67 C