The Arrow

The first real time, hyperspectral imaging video camera. The Arrow™ provides real time chemical signature analysis of liquids, solids and live cell samples.

Pathology Photos

Rebellion Photonics is able to do real-time spectral filtering as shown.


Plain cell (left), highlights features of the cell based on spectral curves (actin, mitochondria and nucleus) (middle), form of digital staining (right).

Triple-labeled Cells

Triple-labeled Bovine Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells (Invitrogen FluoCells prepared slide #1) BPAE cells imaged in a single snapshot by the ARROW. Displayed are 12 out of 48 spectral channels and a color composite image. The entire datacube of 348 x 348 x 48 (x, y, λ) was acquired in a 300 ms exposure time at full dynamic range of 12 bits. The microscope used was a Zeiss Axiovert with a Plan Apo 63X 1.4(oil) objective.