The Arrow

The ArrowTM is a leading edge technology, offering real-time chemical detection for the first time to the scientific community. It is ideal for anyone in research, academics, industry, or government who requires a full screen image with the ability for instant chemical detection. The Arrow is the first portable chemical detection camera that detects light from the ultraviolet to the near infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This easy to use camera is compatible with all microscopes and offers a complete field of view. Harmlessly analyze your source with non-destructive sampling. The Arrow has everything you’re looking for in a research device: speed, versatility and image quality all rolled into one. Rebellion Photonics is commercializing their unique ‘snap-shot’ hyperspectral imaging technology for the biological research, defense, and energy markets.

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Real-time Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging
Real-time imaging gives the user the ability to do analysis of living cells.

Real-time Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging
Snapshot imaging increases the light sensitivity,
greatly reducing both damage of the sample and bleaching of the dye.

Key Benefits

The Arrow provides several advantages within the scientific community such as:

Ease of use

Compatibility with all microscopes

Video-rate imaging

Complete field of view

Non-destructive sampling

No extra light source required



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The Arrow

The first real time, hyperspectral imaging video camera. The ArrowTM provides real time chemical signature analysis of liquids, solids and live cell samples.


Rebellion Photonics is able to do real-time spectral filtering.


Plain cell (left), highlights features of the cell based on spectral curves (actin, mitochondria and nucleus) (middle), form of digital staining (right).


Triple-labeled Cells

Triple-labeled Bovine Pulmonary Artery Endothelial Cells (Invitrogen FluoCells prepared slide #1) BPAE cells imaged in a single snapshot by the ARROW. Displayed are 12 out of 48 spectral channels and a color composite image. The entire datacube of 348 x 348 x 48 (x, y, λ) was acquired in a 300 ms exposure time at full dynamic range of 12 bits. The microscope used was a Zeiss Axiovert with a Plan Apo 63X 1.4(oil) objective.