Will installing the GCI system increase the number ‘Discoverable’ or ‘Reportable’ events?
No, recording video and data is an optional feature.The system has a setting that provides a live feed only.
Who will operate the GCI system? Will we have to hire additional labor? We’re already overworked.
The system is fully automatic. It does not require any additional labor to operate, calibrate, or maintain.
We already get too many false alarms. The GCI system will only produce more of the same.
The GCI produces virtually no false alarms and you can set your own detection thresholds. Furthermore, the GCI actually helps reduce the number of false alarms because it makes it possible to quickly verify or invalidate alarms generated by other detection systems. So, the GCI reduces labor hours spent on false or unknown alarms.
The GCI will create more work because there will be more things to fix.
No, the GCI actually provides earlier detection than existing systems, which makes it possible to plan and schedule maintenance. Early detection greatly reduces the need for unscheduled maintenance. Furthermore, the GCI detects leaks at the source. This means the system pinpoints where the leak is coming from making it much easier to respond.
We’ve tried hyperspectral before. It doesn’t work!
Rebellion Photonics employs a completely different technology than anything previously available on the market. Snapshot hyperspectral imaging was invented by our CTO, Dr. Robert Kester, five years ago.
How will this fit into our operations?
For HSE, the GCI can be used for safety by imaging volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic gases including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), methane, and other hydrocarbons. For operational excellence, the GCI system can increase efficiencies, reduce downtime by finding leaks early, ensure that equipment is sized correctly, and decrease the potential for loss thereby increasing revenue.
This is the same as other infrared cameras (like FLIR GasFindIR or Fluke handheld cameras).
No, Rebellion Photonics GCI employs a completely different technology and has significantly more capabilities. The GCI is fully automatic and provides quantification and speciation, which is not possible with traditional infrared imaging. It also has greater accuracy and the ability to detect additional gases such as H2S, which are not visible on infrared cameras.
A system like this requires a lot of maintenance.
No, the GCI requires no regular maintenance aside from an annual power washing of the germaniumwindow. Furthermore, any incidental maintenance is included with the service.
What chemicals does the GCI detect?
The GCI can detect all hydrocarbons such as methane and other dangerous gases such as hydrogen sulfide or ammonia, in a 10-500 ppm-m range. Please contact Rebellion Photonics at info@rebellionphotonics.com for more info.

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