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Rebellion Photonics is the only company on the market that offers real time (15 fps) gas detection video with high quality gas detection capabilities. The Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera is a video camera that monitors, quantifies and displays explosive/harmful gas leaks in real time. With just a few cameras a large area can be monitored day and night. The GCI can instantly detect what gases are leaking and how much is leaking. This allows the user to assess the situation before exposing anyone to a potentially lethal situation. To learn more about the GCI, see SCIENCE.


Traditional point detectors can be temperamental due to a high number of false alarms. The high frequency of false alarms can sometimes lead to employees ignoring the alarms, thus a false-colored live video is a far more powerful safety tool than a blinking light. Furthermore, a live video stream allows the operator to better understanding of the size, concentration, and point of origin of the leak. Therefore employees are better prepared to identify and repair before a disaster occurs. See example videos at VIDEO LIBRARY.

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