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phtonics- science of lightREAL TIME | Snapshot hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology can be used for a variety of groundbreaking chemical imaging products in markets such as defense, biological research, food contamination detection, rig/refinery safety, quality control, and forensics.

Rebellion is capable of acquiring the whole datacube instantaneously

UP UNTIL NOW, hyperspectral sensors have relied on scanning approaches to acquire only a fraction of the full datacube at a time. These partial acquisitions need to be stored and then later processed in order to form a full datacube. This process can be slow, inefficient and presents several opportunities for failure when the target, the sensor, or both are moving. Despite these limitations, many companies and researchers have successfully demonstrated the ability of hyperspectral imaging to remotely detect stationary targets based on their unique spectral signature. However, for dynamic, real world HSI, the detection ability of these sensors falls short.

One of the main reasons is the tradeoff between SNR, acquisition speed, and spectral and spatial resolution. In any scanning approach one or more of these parameters must be compromised for the sake of the others, but this is not desirable in dynamic applications. In contrast, the solution engineered by Rebellion Photonics collects the full datacube instantaneously in real-time without the need for scanning. This is accomplished by using the novel snapshot technology which guarantees high SNR, compact size, full cube at video-rate, and a large format image.

REBELLION’S HSI cameras require no scanning, i.e. they can image fast moving targets while guaranteeing a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). They are characterized by low power consumption, no post image processing to correct for spectral or spacial misrepresentations, and have increased durability and resistance to shock and vibrations. In addition, these cameras contain no moving parts or dynamically adjustable components.

REBELLION’S TECHNIQUE is the first proven snapshot hyperspectral imaging technology capable of achieving true video-rate imaging without compromising other critical imaging parameters. It is robust, contains no moving parts or other dynamically adjustable components, has better than 80% light efficiency and its acquisition rate is limited only by the camera speed. This technology is also flexible – it can be easily adopted for other spectral ranges and resolutions, and has a scalable field of view.

IN ADDITION to providing novel hardware solutions, Rebellion has developed sophisticated acquisition and analysis software that uses parallel processing to achieve high data processing throughput. By using our software, for the first time it is possible to instantaneously do real time spectral unmixing of a large number of spectral signatures.

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Snapshot hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology in OTHER APPLICATIONS.