Rebellion Photonics Wins Prestigious 2012 R&D 100 Award for Rice University developed Arrow hyperspectral video camera

By creating a better tool for spotting gas leaks from oilfields and pipelines, tiny Rebellion Photonics got the jump on a global market no one else could see.

HOUSTON – (July 23, 2012) – R&D Magazine announced that a Rice University developed technology, the ARROW hyperspectral video camera, has been chosen as a recipient of a 2012 R&D Award, which recognizes the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year. The annual award competition is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. “It is an honor for the technical team at Rebellion Photonics to be listed with the likes of Intel, Leica, and NASA on the R&D 100 list,” said Chris Morlier, Director of Software.

“We are grateful to the R&D 100 judges for awarding us this honor,” said Allison Lami Sawyer, CEO of Rebellion Photonics. “What sets Rebellion apart from the crowded world of hyperspectral companies is our unique non-scanning filterless snap-shot approach, which allows us to identify chemicals within a video in true real-time. Simply put, it’s not actually real-time if it’s not snap-shot.” Formal presentation and acceptance of the R&D 100 award will take place November 1, 2012 in Orlando. A full list of this year’s winners is available at

About the ARROW hyperspectral video camera
The ARROW is the first ever video-rate, snapshot hyperspectral imaging system that can be used with all microscope platforms to provide detailed spectral and spatial information for the biomedical researcher. The ARROW’s applications present digital immunohistochemical and histological analysis for molecular pathology. This significantly expands the data capabilities for fluorescent techniques, such as FRET. The ARROW also produces real-time information for in vivo retinal disease detection and cellular examination. In terms of pathogen analysis, the ARROW identifies dynamic characteristics of viral and bacterial strains. Clinically, the ARROW can be applied to real time imaging in endoscopy and diagnostic laparoscopy.

About Rebellion Photonics
Rebellion Photonics, a start-up spun out of Rice University in 2010, is commercializing their unique snap-shot hyperspectral video platform. The proprietary snap-shot hyperspectral imaging technology is a revolutionary type of video camera that can identify the chemical composition of objects within the digital image in true real-time (30Hz). Rebellion Photonics currently sells cameras for biomedical research, drone (UAV) markets, and leak imaging for the oil and gas market. The company is cash flow positive and seeking to raise venture funds to expand operations and market their new product line for oil rig and refinery safety, the Gas Cloud Imaging camera. For more information, please visit

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