Hyperspectral Imaging, or Chemical Imaging, has a wide variety of applications. To date, Rebellion Photonics has designed products for three markets, biological research (the ARROW), rig safety (GCI camera), and defense.


The Arrow™ is a hyperspectral imaging tool that can be used with microscopes to provide researchers with enhanced insight in biological processes. It is easy to use and compatible with all microscope platforms. Because of snapshot imaging, The Arrow™ provides real time chemical signature analysis of liquids, solids and live cell samples. While improving today’s hyperspectral imaging, it will also open new potential in areas where hyperspectral imaging had not previously been feasible.

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The Gas Cloud Imaging Camera is a tool for detecting gas-leaks and providing an instantaneous visualization of the leak. Snapshot hyperspectral imaging allows for several new possibilities in refinery/rig safety, such as detecting harmful gas plumes at an earlier stage, monitoring of large facilities with few cameras, around-the-clock surveillance, and video for future analysis and safety management.