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Light Field Cameras for the Cell Phone Market

Recently there has been a great deal of excitement and investment into the new field of consumer grade light field cameras. Rebellion Photonics is capable of going a step further then current competitors in this space by making a cell phone version of a light field camera at a consumer price level and with even greater light efficiency. We are capable of creating such a disruptive product because our unique optics hardware platform can be produced through a variety of techniques, including plastic injection molding.

Light field cameras allow the user to snap images without having to worry about whether they are in focus. By using an app on their phone it would be possible to focus the image later. Rebellion Photonics has the technology that will not only eliminate the frustration of taking grainy, out of focus cell phone pictures, but also make taking the picture faster and easier than ever before. Simply point and shoot. See what a light field camera is.


Hyperspectral Cameras for the Cell Phone Market

Rebellion Photonics has the technology to design a hyperspectral camera to be used on a cell phone. We can use plastic injection molding for easy and efficient production. Rebellion’s revolutionary snapshot hyperspectral technology can provide consumers with instantaneous access to the spectrum of whatever they want. When coupled with a Rebellion designed app, you can easily identify specific materials, such as mold, pesticides, or invisible ink. For example, are you skeptical as to whether or not the fruit or vegetables you are buying are actually organic? With our technology you can snap a picture, then upload it to an app and it will immediately tell you what is in the image that your eyes cannot see. This way you know for sure if any pesticides were used. Rebellion has the technology to bring chemical imaging on your cell phone.

Potential investors or corporate partners interested in this product line should contact info@rebellionphotonics.com