Rebellion Photonics, is dedicated to taking hyperspectral imaging out of the lab. Our groundbreaking real time, snapshot technology allows users to detect an object’s chemical composition. This technology can open new and influential uses of hyperspectral imaging in a broad range of industries.

Rebellion Photonics is currently moving into the following markets:

hyperspectral images in microscopy

Rebellion Photonics’ technology can offer the scientific community an enhanced hyperspectral imaging technology, providing real time chemical signature analysis for liquids, solids, and live cell samples.


Using hyperspectral imaging to detect gas leaksLEAK DETECTION
Rebellion Photonics’ revolutionary hyperspectral imaging technology can offer the oil and gas industry a breakthrough in rig and refinery safety. This technology enables users to visualize gas leaks with a false-colored image, in real-time with hardware-based zoom. It will allow safety engineers to see the size, shape and direction of the leak, as well as its point of origin.


Using hyperspectral imaging to track targetsDEFENSE
Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is currently widely used in defense applications and Rebellion Photonics’ technology can offer real-time HSI video for surveillance of sophisticated, small, camouflaged, or moving targets. This can be done with significantly higher signal-to-nose ratio (SNR), no post image processing, robust mechanical design, and lower power consumption.



Rebellion has the technology to design cheap and efficient cameras for consumer use. In the cell phone camera market particularly, we can take the next step in revolutionary technology offering light field cameras and hyperspectral cameras for use in cell phones.


hyperspectral imaging has potential in multiple marketsPOSSIBILITIES: PATHOLOGY, CONSUMER GOODS, FORENSICS, PUBLIC SAFETY AND EMISSIONS DETECTION. Rebellion Photonics sees great possibilities for snapshot hyperspectral imaging in the areas of pathology, consumer goods, forensics, public safety, and emissions detection. Snapshot hyperspectral imaging will have the potential to revolutionize these markets and provide them with significantly improved solutions over current technologies.