LDAR & Maintenance

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Operational Excellence Studies

See just how well your facilities are operating in order to maintain excellence and set goals, with this great introduction to the truck-mounted GCI.

‘Green Completions’

Certification for Oil & Gas Extraction

Obtain proof that your site is a low emittor. The GCI’s real-time volume measurements are accurate to within 10%.

Benchmarking for Green House Gas (GHG)

Targets (1% initiative)

Rebellion is the only imaging camera that can both image and quantify gas leaks.

Storage Tank Emission Monitoring (STEM)

For a simple, cost-effective way to cut down on methane emissions and reduce risk of injury, our services not only eliminate the need to climb the tank, but can also save you up to 50% than our competitors.

Pipelines & other Midstream Site Monitoring

A mobile GCI unit can service more than one kind of location. A truck-mounted imager can provide a more accurate, cost effective way to monitor pipelines.

Regulators & Environmental Enforcement

Our team works closely with many state regulators and offers complimentary demos to those who wish to use our monitoring services in the field.



Rebellion can provide temporary continuous monitoring during turnarounds, where cameras can be moved throughout the day to focus on specific sites.

Full Service Monitoring

The GCI technology is strong enough that monitoring can be unintrusive and conducted through fences. No additional manpower is needed to operate, as the GCI will quickly notify maintenance with accompanying video.


Emergency Response

A great tool for first responders and documentation for your legal team.


Click each state to review regulations impacting our industry

– Regulation Number 7 regulates methane emission from the oil and gas industry

– Requires traditional Method 21 and/or Approved Instrument Monitoring Method
(AIMM) monitoring of Storage Tanks

– Requires LDAR programs at natural gas compressor stations and well production facilities; LDAR can include both Method 21 and infrared camera technology

– 500 ppm leak threshold at all applicable well production facilities

*** Rebellion Photonics is an Approved Instrument Monitoring Method (AIMM) in the State of Colorado. Click HERE to visit the AIMM website and view our approval letter.

– General Permits GP 12.1 and 12.2 require LDAR programs with a general leak definition of 10,000 ppm

– Method 21 or optical gas imaging (IR) can be utilized

– Leak performance can reduce monitoring frequency

– General Permit GP-5

– LDAR required at any natural gas processing facility that produces, compresses and/or processes natural gas, coal bed methane coal mine gob starting with gas fractionation, dehydration, compression and storage

– IR surveys also required within 180 days of startup and quarterly thereafter

– Presumptive BACT in three specific concentrated development areas: Upper Green River Basin, Normally Pressured Lance, Jonah and Pinedale Anticline Development

– LDAR required for all facilities with ≥4 VOCs tpy and operating in the above concentrated areas


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