Continuous Monitoring

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Enhancement to your DCS system

Our fully automated Gas Cloud Imaging system connects seamlessly with all major DCS systems.

Continuous Gas Monitoring for Safety

Image and quantify all hydrocarbons such as methane, and other dangerous gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Fire Prevention & Detection

The first gas and fire detection in one, which serves as a valuable aid to first responders.

Automation & Reliability

The system is fully automatic so no one needs to watch the screen. Operators are notified with a text or email that includes a link to watch videos on a secure webpage.

Off-shore applications

The Gas Cloud Imaging system tects leaks faster than traditional point and line detectors because it detects at the leak SOURCE and does not need to wait for the leak to come to the camera. This is especially important for offshore safety – when seconds matter.


Advantages of GCI for Continuous Monitoring


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