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Rebellion Photonics is an advanced optics company spun out of Rice University. Our company is commercializing our revolutionary ‘snap-shot’ hyperspectral imaging technology for the research, safety, and security markets. With the world’s only real-time, high quality, full-format, chemical imaging platform technology, Rebellion Photonics hopes to launch several exciting products within the next few years. To do this we need a technical team that is innovative, hard-working, and rebellious!

Do you want to work for an exciting company with huge potential? Do you love working with technology that has the power to transform the oil & gas industry? Are you interested in putting your mark on a company’s future?

We are constantly looking for bright and innovative people


Algorithm Developer

Job description

What You’ll Do: You’ll build algorithms for spectral imaging data. Big data is a buzzword these days, but whatever you might think that phrase means, we’re neck-deep in it. Each of our cameras generates almost 3TB of data each day. Our group of data algorithm developers and data analysts write code to analyze this data stream in real time, like drinking from a firehose. It’s a challenge like no other, and dealing with it is what makes our instrument, and our team, unique.

We build our code in Python, and then port most of it to C for speed, but the most important thing is a strong analytical background (statistics and signal processing) and experience with writing code in any high-level language, be it Python, Matlab, IDL, R, or whatever else is out there. Experience with spectrometers and imaging helps get up to speed, but is not a requirement.

You will be developing new algorithms to improve measurement quality (better sensitivity, reduced false positives), analyzing the data to troubleshoot problems (hardware and software), and providing ideas for advancing the system. We believe that the best algorithms are developed only when the developer has a close understanding of the data and the system that produced it.

Before we set out to build our instruments, many people told us that what we’re aiming to do is impossible. We have been proving them wrong. And we’re looking for recruits to join our rebellion against the status quo!

Who you’ll work with: Our current team working on data analysis and algorithm development is small but growing. The team lead is Nathan. He enjoys technical writing, and has been working in algorithm and system design for over 12 years. Ryan has a background in astronomy and joined us after a postdoc stint at UCR. We’re looking for someone with a strong analytical background to help build our skillset.

Desired Skills and Experience

We are looking for someone experienced in algorithm development and signal processing, especially if it comes with a strong statistical background. Applicants should be familiar with prototyping code in a high-level language such as Python, Matlab, IDL, or R. Experience with optics and spectral imaging is an added plus but not a requirement.




Engineering Technician


Job description

What you’ll do: You’ll help with all aspects of product development and manufacturing. This individual will be a critical part of the Engineering team. Creativity, independent thinking, and vision are required.

Rebellion Photonics offers interesting work, dynamic, friendly and informal environment with excellent prospects to grow with the company. It’s a challenge like no other, and dealing with it is what makes our instrument, and our team, unique.

Your direct responsibilities include but aren’t limited to: run/maintain our nano-optical-fabrication facility, collect and analyze test results, assist in product installations and customer support, construct prototypes and test fixtures, assemble and test products, electronics assembly and soldering, delivery and pickup of locally machined items, supplies, and equipment, and to assist with demo testing: organization, setup, and breakdown. Phew!

Before we set out to build our instruments, many people told us that what we’re aiming to do is impossible. We plan to prove them wrong. And we’re looking for recruits to join our rebellion against the status quo!

Who you’ll work with: Our current team of engineers is small but growing. The team lead is Chris, who is the VP of Engineering at Rebellion Photonics. Grady is our Senior Mechanical Engineer.


Desired Skills and Experience

We are looking for someone with two years of college in a technical discipline (two years’ experience can be substituted in place of a degree), some CNC/CAM programming experience and experience working with optics and/or infrared imaging is a plus, and with excellent written and verbal communication skills & collaboration skills to round out our team.



UX Developer


Job description

What you’ll do: You will be the Jack of All Trades for the user experience of our Gas Cloud Imaging system (GCI), as this role requires both Design & Software Development skill sets. In this position you will be given the opportunity to conceptualize and build next-generation safety systems including web and mobile interfaces.

This includes execution of visual style, overall application flows, and the design and development of web pages, graphics, multimedia and GUIs.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for creating great digital experiences and be well versed in designing clean, modern user experiences and interfaces and have the ability to both create UI/UX designs and implement them in software.

What you’ll be responsible for: You will create UI/UX concepts for PC, web, and mobile platforms and be expected to communicate them effectively. Once approved, you will take the lead in implementing the concepts both directly through CSS, HTML, code, or other technologies, and through working closely with the rest of the software team. Finally, you will assess and optimize the performance of new features by actively participating in usability testing and interpreting analytics data and test findings. As our first team member largely focused on design, you will have the opportunity to help implement design and development best practices.

Who you’ll work with: You will be part of our engineering team, and will work closely with the software team. We are still a small group, but have diverse backgrounds including: software engineering, optics, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, and astronomy. The engineering team is led by Chris, our VP of Engineering, who has 15 years of experience in engineering including 11 years in startup companies. Your work will be front and center with customers, so you will work with the sales and marketing team to present new features and receive customer feedback. It is likely, you will often have the opportunity to present your ideas to the executive team.


Desired Skills and Experience

  • A minimum 5 years of experience designing and implementing user interfaces
  • Demonstrated experience with one or more of the following environments: Qt, web development frameworks, and Android platforms
  • Excellent visual and written communication skills, with ability to communicate effectively in both technical and business environments
  • Programming experience especially in Python or C++ is highly desirable
  • Ability to develop user friendly UI’s with a clean, modern aesthetic
  • Experience with digital video processing is also a plus



To apply for a position listed above, send your resume and cover letter to:
In your email, write a little bit about who you are, stuff you’ve worked on, and why this is something you’d like to do.

  • Rebellion Photonics offers experience-based competitive salary, company-paid medical benefits.
  • No calls or agencies, please.
  • Sorry – at this time we can only accept US Citizens and US Permanent Residents.


Where you’ll work: You’ll be sitting in a pod of desks with the other members of the team. There’s plenty of parking, and, this being Houston, most people drive to work. Ryan, one of our algorithm scientists, daily risks his life by biking in to work; when it rains he takes the train and walks the rest of the way. Our office is in Houston not far from Reliant Stadium and also close to the Houston Medical Center.

What you’ll get: The chance to improve and develop a revolutionary product. We’re busy getting the Gas Cloud Imager ready for new customers. But there is a lot we can do to improve on it if we build the right tools, and you will help to get us there. There is not much that any one person, or any one company, can do by oneself to make a real difference in the world, but with the GCI things are different. With it we aim to both improve the environment and workplace safety everywhere.

A good salary. Tell us what you’re looking for.

Stock Options. We want you to take ownership in success of our company.

Health insurance. We sponsor full medical insurance for our employees.

A flexible schedule. Work an early schedule or a late one – whatever works for you.

An environment that encourages ideas. You don’t always have to work on GCI. We have other products too: our Arrow system does visible light snapshot spectral imaging (providing megavoxel datacubes at up to 100 frames per second!). Most of its customers are from biomedical imaging fields. We also have several new projects under development. Most of them are unlike anything else in the industry.

We provide a “family” lunch for employees every Friday.